Sveinsstekksfoss, Fossárfoss eða Nykurhylsfoss

Sveinstekksfoss , known also as Fossárfoss is a 50 foot waterfall on the Fossá River, the last fall before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. It is located on Route 1, Northwest of Djúpivogur. You can climb above the waterfall to see more of the Fossa river cascades.

Nykurhylsfoss is the lowermost waterfall in Fossá river. The river plunges 15 m into a narrow gully, churning and racing in pools and rapids until it reaches the 9 m deep Nykurhylur pool.

The river Fossá has numerous waterfalls in its course. There used to be a magical water horse living in the lowest pool, just under the bottommost waterfall. All attempts to drive the water horse away remained unsuccessful, but it finally disappeared when baptismal water was poured into the river after the baptism of a child up the valley.